GFNY PUNTA DEL ESTE 171 Km is a highly demanding race, and it really honors its name.
It was designed with highly trained cyclist in mind, with specific performance peaks. It could very well be thought of as a yearly training goal.
The 1879 mt/ 6165ft of ascent are concentrated from Km 53 onwards, on routes 12 and 60. There is a stretch of 80 Km of unrelenting climbs ranging from 300 mt to 1Km long, with steep climbs between 8% and 12%.
This is really wearing, especially if riders must finish the race keeping a minimum average speed of 22,5 Km/h.
The Medium Distance 84 Km in turn, has 681 mts/ 2234 ft of ascent, and is more adequate for riders with lower training levels.

Long & Medium Course

LONG COURSE IS A COMPETITION: Only the finishers of the long course are eligible for category rankings and Overall and Podium awards. If you want to race and be ranked in your category, you must complete the long course. Top 10% of finishers in each age group earn a spot in the Qualifier Corral at every GFNY World event.


MEDIUM COURSE IS NOT A COMPETITION: The riders of the 50 miles medium course will be provided their start-to-finish time, but will not be ranked by finish time. All finish times will be listed in alphabetical order.

Course Map

Course Strategy by GFNY Coaching

Looking for a detailed breakdown of the course? Need some help planning out your race strategy? Check out the GFNY Punta Del Este Course Guide by GFNY Coaching. We dig into the challenges of the course and help you plan your pacing, nutrition and tactics to have your best race. You've done the preparation, now focus on the final details! 

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